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Escort At.Mosphere erotic story

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I think everyone wants to visit Dubai at least once in her lifetime and I am very glad that I could do it when I was an escort girl. During my tours in Dubai, I met lot of rich people from all over the world, but one of them had big influence and lot of money, he was the kind of super-rich person.

Escort girl in Dubai

So this client, let’s call him Josh, was one of my regular clients, he invited me sometimes to go with him on business trips or to spend vacations with him. In an evening, while I was on an escort tour in Dubai, he invited me to join him at a restaurant, more exactly in At.Mosphere. This restaurant is situated on the 122nd floor in the world’s tallest building, Burj Kalifa, which is kind of an observatory deck, where you can see this gorgeous city, Dubai.

When he told me where we go, my breath stopped: I afraid of altitude, and we were going to eat 442 meters from the ground. Gosh, I was so afraid, but my client told me everything is going to be all right. This time, like in other times, I accepted the challenge, so I dressed in my best dress and I looked perfect. I was sure he prepares me a surprise, like always, because you have to know that this client likes to fuck me in strange situations and places.

If you are a call girl in Dubai or just an ordinary tourist, you have to visit this place as it’s amazing. So let me tell you about my experiences. Everything started when his driver arrived for me, he brought me to his hotel, where my blonde prince on white horse was waiting for her princess to arrive. Escorts are treated sometimes with disrespect, but this client respected my choice, and he was glad for what I achieved during my career. So we kissed intensively in the elevator, he was so excited, and he told me he cannot resist till we finish our dinner, and I must fuck with him in the restaurant’s kitchen. You have to know that this so called kitchen was a room arranged for this kind of purpose, I think. It was full of candles, good smelling bedding, everything prepared for my arrival.

Sexual service for dinner

I told you this client wanted all the time to fuck call girls in strange places, and he liked me the most because I accepted his challenges. I am a fighter, so I started my little games with a pole dance, which excited him more. He started to undress me wildly, but I warned him that I need my dress for the dinner and he calmed down a little. During my dance, I undressed myself and him slowly, caressing all his body with my hands and tongue, I wanted to bring him in to heaven.

He caught my head, and put his cock in my mouth. I started my blowjob by licking his balls and his cock. I was looking deep in his eyes, like a real porn star escort, and I started to offer him a real blowjob, like in my movies. He was moving his cock in my mouth, in and out, deeper and deeper, till his dick was in my throat… He enjoyed my deep throat the most…

I saw in his eyes that he wanted to fuck me, so I stopped the deep throat, and I stood in doggy style. He penetrated me hard, without thinking, and started moving, pushing me harder and harder, but I enjoyed every movement. We started moaning, loader and loader, and we were sure someone is listening at our door, but we didn’t care. We continued to make sex and wanted to show to our listener how good we feel. I was so wet that every movement brought me closer to my orgasm. When I felt I am close, I started to move my ass faster and we came together, everything was just perfect. He was satisfied only for a short time I think, because after few minutes of staying in the bed like two lovers, he told me he wants to fuck me again and again till morning. We fucked again after few minutes of break, then smoked a cigarette and drank a glass of wine, and sex again. I think the second round was around 1 hour.

When we finished we took our dinner and went to my hotel room, where we continued to fuck all night long, till morning. When he went home I felt so tired that I fall asleep immediately.

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