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Dubai call girls erotic story

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The good old Dubai with it’s Dubai escorts. I used to work in that city a lot, it’s nice, fancy and dirty at the same night. I mean, it’s a jewelry for Dubai escorts, the „good kind of dirt” if you know what I mean. This story happened with me 5 years ago, I had a plan to go to Dubai for about 3 months to have holidays and work as well. I called my escort agency, they took care most of the Dubai escorts in my country that time, they knew exactly what types of escort girls in Dubai are the most welcomed.

Dubai escorts on the way

Well, the whole trip cost me a few thousand dollars, just the average things to organize. My things in my country, to give someone the keys, to have a nice hotel room in Dubai and that’s all. Of course as one of the Dubai escorts I needed a visa, it took some time but I’ve got it soon. There was nothing else just to wait until my escort agency start to advertise me as well. After about a week they said, I will have some works already, so I was waiting to fly there. The morning I left my country was cold and windy, but I knew that soon I arrive to one of my favourite, warm cities. Escort girls in Dubai do not need warm clothes, so I just had one warm coat on me, which I used at home. I brought it on the plane, but nothing else. I arrived in Dubai when it was daytime there, so the airport was crowded. I changed some money, took a cab and went to my hotel. The first day I just relaxed in the bath and in the bed, but the next day I had a work already.

Great clients for Dubai escorts

On my first work day as a Dubai escort I had to meet two rich guys, they wanted to take me to party and to have sex as well. First of all I agreed with the agency that double penetration is not an option, anal if the size fits for me. And I asked extra for everything. These clients were rich so money was not a question. I met them late in the afternoon in the lobby of another hotel, they were elegant and stylish, co-owners of an company. They didn’t tell me much about the business, but during the dinner we shared our thoughts about the world, economic situation as well. They didn’t ask about my work, they were really polite and handled me as a third partner. After the dinner we went to Club Cavalli, which is one of the most famous clubs in whole Dubai. I enjoyed the music, we started to drink as well. Soon one of the guys kissed me, I pushed my tongue deep in his mouth. The other guy on my other side touched my legs and softly was petting me. I felt his finger on my pussy soon through my panties. As we had a VIP place people couldn’t recognise what was going on.

Soon we left the place and went to the hotel. There I started to play with them immediately, as we were drunken things were natural. In 5 minutes I had two cocks in my mouth, middle sizes so I could do the anal for them as well. Dubai escorts can ask more for anal sex, it was something I wanted to do as well. After I sucked there cocks, one guy came from behind and fucked my pussy while I had to suck the others dick. I was in a couch, one penetrated my pussy in doggy position, the other man stood in front of me with his hard penis. Soon they changed position, I was like their slave and we enjoyed the whole situation a lot. Soon I felt that the a dick was going inside my ass slowly, I had to moan loud as I had pain from the penetration. Fortunately my clients were experiences, they’ve told me they this very often, to fuck one escort in Dubai together.

The sex ended with tons of cum in my ass and in my mouth. I had a great night with these guys, and when they have heard I was going to stay there for 12 more weeks, they assured me that they call me back...

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