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A Dubai escort girl as a muse erotic story

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During my life I learned that Dubai is one of the places where a lady can meet interesting people during her escort career. Like I always say, escorting is one of the most interesting works to do, because you have to combine many skills to become a remarkable high-class escort, which is the way to earn lot of money in this industry.

A Dubai escort and the painter

This story is about one of my adventures during my tour in Dubai. At the beginning, the plan was to stay there for two weeks, but someone changed my plans. An important client from the second week wanted to meet me a few days after I arrived. He pre-booked me weeks before for a different date, so I had to be very flexible to meet him on the first week. Fortunately, I was available for 4 hours on Sunday evening.

He asked me to wear sexy black lingerie, with stockings and red high heels, plus some red accessories. I made everything as he wanted because I like to play with my client’s mind, before I’m playing with their cocks.

He arrived to my room, but not like an ordinary client with flowers, champagne or chocolate, he arrived with a few painting canvases, paintbrushes and accessories. I asked him what he wanted to do with those and he answered: “I want to paint two paintings, one for you and one for me. I want to show how beautiful you are, and I want to have a memory, because you are the most beautiful lady I’ve ever seen.” He was so cute, I thanked for his compliments and was lying on the bed in the position he preferred.

The first picture was for me. He started to paint me in my sexy lingerie, but sometimes stopped and asked me to masturbate in front of him. This made him excited. I was playing with my perfect tits, going down to my pussy, while I was moaning and saw the excitement in his eyes. I was sure his cock was hard as a rock.

For the second painting he asked me to undress slowly, while I was dancing to an erotic music. I was touching all my body during my show, I sucked my fingers with my hot red lips showing him how I’m going play with his cock. So he started to paint me for himself, naked, while I fingered myself on the bed, till the painting was ready. Meanwhile I had two orgasms and finally he came to me.

Escort in Dubai having hot sex

This was the first time when he was so close to me. I could hear his breath, I could feel his hard cock in his pants, his smell, everything. With a clean paintbrush he started to play with my tits, this was very exciting for me. He was “painting” all my body, up and down, while all my body was full of goose bumps. I was happy to suck his cock, which was huge. Because he made me feel great on that day, I wanted to offer him a real porn star experience. I gave him the best blowjob of his life (at least he told me this.)

I like to play with my tongue on the penis, so with circular movements I was licking his cock, before putting it in my mouth. I started the blowjob slowly, in and out, deeper and deeper in my throat. I moved my head faster and faster while I was looking in his eyes. I saw on his face that he wanted to fuck me, but not before he licked my pussy. He was an expert, I have to admit.

We were fucking like two animals, he was moving wild in my pussy, pushing me harder and harder sometimes. After fucking in different positions, he asked me to cum in my mouth. I pulled of the condom, and I started to play again with his cock till my mouth was full of his sperm.

I am thankful when I remember back to this client and I still keep his painting on my wall. © 2018 | The site is owned and operated by LBG Pro LTD. 85 Great Portland Street, London W1W 7LT, United Kingdom | All rights reserved!